Indic Wiki Project

The Indic Wiki project is a complex management exercise aiming to bring together a large number of people to co-create a Wikipedia-like repository on Science and Technology in Indian Languages starting with Hindi. This document describes the requirements and functionalities that are required for managing the project.

Recent Work

15936 Articles
Articles created on Indic Wiki
4139 Articles
Articles created on Vidyalaya Wiki

Our Team

Arnab Bhattacharya
Principal Investigator
T. V. Prabhakar
Co-Principal Investigator
Abhishek Shukla
Team Member
Arti Shah
Team Member
Deepak Kumar
Team Member
Krishna Kumar Dubey
Team Member
Mani Dhavala
Team Member
Neeraja Katkar
Team Member
Team Member
Revathy K. T.
Team Member
Sandeep Kumar
Team Member
Sarika Gupta
Team Member
Shikha Shukla
Team Member
Sugatha Chaturvedi
Team Member
Team Member

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